When it comes to smoothing the waters or bringing a smile to someone on a gloomy day, there is no better way to do it than either with a bouquet of beautiful flowers or with a blooming plant. No home is fully dressed unless there are plants and flowers to embellish it; just take a careful look at the pages of any home decor magazine and you'll quickly see for yourself the difference some blossoms can make in a space.

In fact, flowers are one of the key ingredients when you're "staging" a home for resale, according to the advisors at Royal LePage. But why do we wait until we're selling to make our homes look warm and inviting with the addition of cheerful flowers? The real reason is probably that we don't like to spend money on ourselves for something that doesn't last. This is one of the reasons that flowers actually make an excellent gift choice.

When it comes to gift giving, plants and flowers are always welcomed but of course there is so much more that we can give and it all depends on the occasion and to whom we are giving. For example: One of your very good friends has just bought her first home and you are now wondering what could be an appropriate gift. Well, a house warming gift plant could be a good choice or what about something for the new home? A picture for the wall, or maybe an ornament for the coffee table?

Gift giving can either be a joy or a stress and it all depends on how you approach it. Maybe the best thing is for you to take a deep breath and look at the occasion and the recipient. If you have been invited to a classy birthday party and you have been told that you need to bring a gift, the first thing that you may want to do is to find out a bit about the birthday person. Gifting a neighbour with a gift certificate may not be well received even if it is something you would appreciate.

Christmas time is usually the season when gift giving is at its best. With people giving each other gifts to celebrate the season or simply to say thank you or that they are thinking of you, it is the time that most of us get a bit stressed. For those of you living in the city, you can be sure that you would not have too much difficulty finding a wide range of gift ideas in your area.

If you have just had some luck with your business partner, then you may want to reward them with a really nice gift. Something that they could use either at home or at work. You can spend time racking your brain to come up with an interesting present that suits your friend, partner, acquaintance or whomever, or you can just go to your nearest florist (find one here: www.FloralYellowPages.com) and pick out something beautiful that will help light up someone's life or bring a smile. Flowers are always in season.

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