Moving into a new home is a big deal and you'll probably want to show off your house or your condo to your friends and family. One way that you can do this is by hosting a housewarming party. Most people do this within the first few months of living in their new home, after they have had time to unpack, decorate, and start to settle in. If you're thinking of hosting this type of event at your place, here are some tips that should help you make it a success.

First, you should remember that moving can be a stressful experience. Make sure that you hold off on planning your housewarming until you're really ready to have it. Some people are more laid back and are willing to have their friends and family over to their new place when there are still rooms to be organized and boxes to be unpacked. Then there are others who want everything perfect before they reveal their new home, right up to and including completion of their inground pool installation. If you're in the second group then you should not feel rushed to have your party. People can wait until you feel like it's the right time, and enjoy the big reveal.

There are two different types of housewarming parties that you might be choosing to have. One is for typically for people who have stayed close to home and have a lot of friend and family in their life that are curious to see inside the new digs. Here, the house is going to be the star of the show and you're going to want to make it so that people can explore and look at all of the different rooms. If, on the other hand, you've moved to somewhere new then you can also host a housewarming party as a way of getting to know your neighbours and people who might become a part of your new life. This will have a different feel and might require the affair to be a little more formal and organized.

One of the major things to think about for any party is what you're going to be serving in terms of food. Of course there is no shortage of sites that will recommend party menus; for example, Party Menu Ideas for Adults, Cocktail Party Ideas, and of course, there's Martha Stewart for the truly ambitious. But before you get ahead of yourself with planning a meal, remember that people will be mingling and looking around your new space -- you're likely not going to want to have a sit down dinner. Finger foods might be best for this type of event. If you're living in a place with a backyard then you could have a barbecue in the summer or just offer some platters for people to munch on while they're enjoying their evening. You should not feel the need to decorate or have a theme like you would with a birthday or other event.

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